Southern Appalachian Back Country Horsemen is an affiliate of The Back Country Horsemen of America.  SABCH is based in Cleveland, Tennessee. The Purpose of This Organization is: To assist the various government and private agencies in the establishment and maintenance of trails and other back country resources. To ensure that public lands remain open to recreational stock use. To perpetuate the common sense use of horses and the enjoyment of horses in America’s back country and wilderness. To educate and encourage the wise use of backcountry resourses by horsemen and the general public. To actively involve youth in activities related to our purpose and maintain a family oriented organization.  
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VOLUNTEER HOURS Year                             Volunteer Hours                      Value 2006                                  251.5                              $8,227.50 2007                                  575.0                              $8,625.00 2008                               1,340.5                            $20,107.50 2009                               2,200.0                            $33,000.00 2010                               3,133.0                            $77.657.75 2011                               2,563.0                            $54,718.98 2012                               3,129.8                            $82,198.05 2013                               3,259.5                            $83,826.18
“Gentle on the Land”
2014                               3,641.9                            $93,846.95